Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Plans

It is Tuesday. It is not Monday. Monday was yesterday. That was the day for Monday Listicles. I get it, I really do but I just can't help myself. Procrastination is my jam. It's my superpower. It is my love language. It is my aura. Procrastination is my modus operandi. 

Summer Plans 

1. Move!! After two years of renting and a year of house hunting on and off we FINALLY found a house!

2. Pack. I am told this is a requirement of moving. We are use to moving across country so this moving .82 miles should be a walk in the park.

3. Sing I Love Rock n Roll with Joan Jett! <<Did this June 8 when I saw her in concert!

4. Study. On June 1st I started back to school to earn my elementary education certification since working full-time, raising three kids & moving aren't enough to keep me busy.

5. Consume excessive amounts of S'mores.

6. Get my grill on!! I should fess up that I don't actually grill--(fire scares me) but I do marinate all the meat and make all the sides so I deserve some credit.

7. Celebrate birthdays! Einstein turns 13 on Friday and Peanut will be 11 in July.

8. Read!! I started a renegade book club a few months back & look forward to our monthly gatherings.

9. Slow down. It's nice not to have to rush out the door for school and activities. We're having a take it easy kind of summer.

10. Blog<<hoping to get my groove back!


Tamara Camera said...

#5 is pretty awesome!
Congrats on the house and good luck with the move. I've done a cross country move twice now.

@dkotucker said...

CONGRATS on your new home!!! "Walk in the park"....you GO GIRL! Welcome to Lala Land! ;)

And you DEFINITELY deserve credit for grilling. Prep is the hardest part!!! :D

Fritter said...

Yay for a house, AND #10!

So nice to see you around again :)

I also love Joan Jett's ILR&R. Such a great jam.