Tuesday, July 1, 2014


 Summer is my favorite. I want to hug it and squeeze it with all my might and never let it go. Sunny days, late nights, s'mores and possibilities. Sometimes it is hard to believe we have lived here for two years. Other days I remember the loneliness and heartache of leaving our beloved neighborhood-our family and friends. The emptiness of not belonging, of not knowing, of having to start again.

It makes me happy that a Friday afternoon play date at the park with a friend and our kids turns into Margaritas and chips and salsa and laughter as we share our stories.

It makes me happy that we worked through some very difficult things together and are buying a house.

It makes me happy that we have family visiting us this summer and we can't wait to show them our favorite places.

What makes you happy?

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Tamara Camera said...

Summer is my favorite too. I'm often in denial that it ends. Spring and Fall are glorious here but nothing beats summer in my book.