Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 I sit here in the dark hoping to exhale long enough to catch a quick nap but knowing sleep will continue to avoid me no matter how desperate I am. In a few days when I am crying, bug eyed and sleep deprived I will allow myself to swallow the little pill that brings me a smidgen of relief. 

It was 5:26 am on Saturday and the excruciating pain woke me from a fitful sleep. Pain radiating from my left side- another damn migraine. My throat was filled with shards of broken glass. If Big Yankee had been home I would have found my way to the emergency room. This from the girl of the high pain tolerance. But I couldn't drive and did not want to freak out the kids so I swallowed some Tylenol and Ibuprofen and placed an ice cold washcloth on my head. 

When the kids woke up and I could see a little straighter I headed to the Urgent Care Clinic--convinced I'd gotten strep throat from one of work encounters earlier in the week. A few questions later the on-call doctor suspects sleep apnea. I leave with an order for an overnight oximetry machine and a negative rapid strep result. On a good night I sleep in ninety minute intervals with hours in between. been an issue but gotten worse over the years. I figured stress and grief and school and work and momming and wifeing was to blame. I am use to waking up suddenly with a pounding headache and a spinning room. Maybe the neighbors roosters were at fault? But they are gone now. Nothing left except an empty house and an overgrown yard. 

Last night was no different even with the flashing red lights that kept constant watch over my oxygen levels and heart rate. 

I just want some answers. and some sleep.

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Sara Barry said...

Hope you get both (answers and sleep—maybe sleep first).

Tamara Camera said...

Hoping for a lot of relief for you. I would have thought Strep too. I wonder how apnea causes a sore throat?

Robbie K said...

@Tamera thanks! My throat doesn't hurt as much but now I think I may have bronchitis!! It's always something :) I think the sore throat has something to do with being a mouth breather. When he did strep test he noticed my "obstructive oral pharyngeal anatomy" and started asking questions.

Robbie K said...

Thanks Sara! I did get some sleep last night thanks to some nightime mucinex!

Becca said...

I hope you get it all figured out soon. My dog spent months waking me up multiple times per night before we figured out what was going on and being sleep deprived is just the worst!

Shannon said...

I know what pain migraines can cause and then to have the lack of sleep on top of it? Wishing you many restful nights ahead.