Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday Ten: Relaxin'

I am hoping that showing up late to this link-up will be overlooked since it's my first time. I first saw it on Tamara's blog and have been wanting to join the fun for a few weeks now but I just haven't been able to get my act together until now.

Relaxing is problematic for me. I think I was born without the relaxation gene. Things that people typically find relaxing--a massage for example, stresses me out. Or I imagine it would. The most I've had is a ten minute chair massage and if I hadn't had a few drops of liquid courage in me I probably would have clawed my way out of that chair.

1. Reading is my kryptonite. I can lose myself in a book or a blog. If I am eating alone then I MUST read. It doesn't matter what it is--a recipe book, an old magazine, the school newsletter, ingredients on the food packaging.

2. Spending time with friends--often in the form of Happy Hour or Brunch.

3. Binge watching Netflix after everyone in my house is asleep. Right now I am obsessed with Frasier. A few weeks ago it was New Girl.

4. Walking alone & blasting my 80s music and country tunes. This is something I haven't done nearly enough of in the last few months because it is extraordinarily hot and I don't like to get up early and I need new shoes and my feet hurt and the excuses go on and on my friends. The excuses never end.

5. Gettin' my hair did. In general I don't like to be touched by non children and people who are not my husband but something about having someone else wash my hair and sitting under the warm dryer is very soothing.

6. Driving around by myself. When I am stressed to the ma and near tears I like to hop in my mommobile and cruise around town.

7. Going to a body of water-whether it be a beach a lake or a swimming pool brings out the Zen in me.

8. Cooking helps me focus and relax. Baking has the opposite effect.

9. A long, hot shower with NO interruptions.

10. Cuddles from my kids and Big Yankee hugs.

The Liebers


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Joining late is no problem at all! We are glad to have you! Great list, too. I love to drive around alone blasting my favorite music - usually country. And a hot, uninterrupted shower is Heaven on Earth! :-) Hope you will join us again!

Tamara Camera said...

Yay for doing Tuesday Ten! It's the best.
And relaxing doesn't seem to be in my genetic makeup either.
There are certain things, though.
Reading is definitely my kryptonite!

Marcia Shaw Wyatt said...

Excellent Tuesday Ten post! I relax in many of the same ways - reading, listening to music, long hot showers. So glad you added your post. I much enjoyed it. :)