Monday, August 25, 2014

Tuesday Ten: Back to School Edition

Rabia and Lisa host a fabulous Tuesday Ten link-up and their timing on this topic is perfection as I sent my three hooligans back to school yesterday and they want to know what I like and dislike about back to school.

1. Like: New shoes, clothes, backpacks, school supplies, haircuts
2. Dislike: Expense of new shoes, clothes, backpacks, school, supplies and haircuts X 3.

3. Like: More predictable schedule.
4. Dislike: Enforcing bedtime to adhere to more predictable schedule.

5.Like: It is much easier for me to juggle my work schedule when I have 7 hours a day of kid-free time.
6. Dislike: Having weekend and evening work obligations that require a different kind of juggling.

7.Like: Energetic, passionate teachers.
8.Dislike: Cranky, should have already retired teachers.

9.Like: Opportunities for learning.
10.Dislike: Pointless homework.

The Liebers


NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner said...

Happy back to school week! Malone doesn't start until after Labor Day so we've got almost an entire week left together!

I am also looking forward to the predictable schedule and hating that I'll have to enforce bedtime!

Tamara Camera said...

ha! Cranky, should be retired teachers. That's a thing, isn't it?
I love new clothes so much, but holy heck, trying to buy them for kids is impossible.