Monday, September 15, 2014


Has it really been TWELVE day since I spewed words here? How can that even be? Life has been really freaking hard hard that I cannot wrap my head around it or put it into words most days. Thus the reason for my absence.

Moving on, I have missed Monday Listicles more than you know. It was the one reason to look forward to the start of another week. I am thrilled that Stasha is bringing them back. I am THIS CLOSE to doing a happy dance but I am not a dancer. 

Ten Hashtags to Describe Me:

1. #sassyandsmartassy

2. #cocacolaaddict


4. #chronicallysleepderived

5. #nacholover


7. #tryingtosavetheworld

8. #anklesprainer

9. #woh/wahm

10. #collegekidagain

What hashtags describe you?


Yona Williams said...

#Anklesprainer - lol, that's a good one. I'm accident-prone...I should have put #BumpsIntoWalls as one of my hashtags. I literally bump into something at least once a day.

Tamara Camera said...

I agree a lot with 4, 5, 6 and 7 for myself!
I've never sprained my ankle so I can't go for that one but it makes a nice hashtag.

Stasha said...

#goondothathappydance xo

Robbie K said...

I've sprained my ankle at least 40 times so it is hard earned and painful hashtag!

Robbie K said...

@Stasha I have sworn off dancing..don't want to end up with an ankle sprain.

CLR said...

Great list!!! I could relate to a few - and I should have thought of the happy dance thing - I love to dance! Maybe not a good dancer but I do it anyway!!! :)