Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: At the Fair

I went to our county fair for the first time and even though I was too cheap to ride anything we had a blast.

Notice anything wrong with this photo?

Nobody puts Goat in the corner. Except Goat who is clearly over this Fair crap.

Strapping on the feedbag


I <3 alpacas!

What are your favorite fair memories?


Sara S said...

Finally! It took forever for it to let me comment! Looks like a fun time! I can't wait to take my girls to the fair next year. I feel like they're a little too young this year, but I know they'll love it!!

Dana @ Kiss my List said...

Squeel, huh? Must be a new spelling. My kids used to love seeing all the animals at the fair. Now they are more focused on the junk food and rides!

Rabia Lieber said...

My kids love visiting the animal barns. Almost as much as they love rides and junk food. We missed the circus act this yer, but caught a wild animal act that they kids still talk about!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the captions!

Robbie K said...

I haven't been to a fair in a few years but we've already made plans for next year!