Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ten Things Labor Day

It seems like just yesterday the four day weekend loomed before us in all it's freedom and glory. And yet here it is Monday and in a few short hours I will be psyching myself up to prepare for the week ahead. As much as I love my work and crave/despise routines I have always dreaded saying goodbye to the weekend. In our twenties my friends and I went so far as to dub it "Sunday Night Depression." We eventually embraced it and gathered at a friends house each week for dinner and to catch up on laundry while wallowing in the loss of our fun filled weekends. Twenty years later and I still feel the same way. 

Ten Things I Did this weekend:

1. Approximately forty-three loads of laundry.

2. Attended a marriage counseling appointment.

3. Cried over my cookbooks.

4. Matched 10,000 single white socks.

5. Hosted a sleepover.

6. Delivered a food box.

7. Attended our county fair for the first time.

8. Swooned over Alpacas.

9. Ate an elk burger smothered in fried onions and the BEST fried 
mushrooms this side of the Mississippi.

10. Found a two year old in the fair parking lot.

How did you spend Labor Day Weekend?


Tamara Camera said...

That's a LOT! Tears, counseling, alpacas, lost toddlers. I went to THREE parties over the weekend and had FOUR house guests.
I'm tired.

Jennifer Hall said...

I think I did very little that weekend!