Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Review: Old School Style

Summer has faded fast. With Labor Day a few days away I jumped at the chance to review my summer Old School Style.

What was your favorite thing you did alone this summer?
Do reading and sleeping count?

What was your favorite thing you did as a family this summer?

Our summer was insanely hectic and we were very rarely all together in the same place at the same time. We did enjoy some cookouts.While moving was not exactly enjoyable I am glad we found a house to buy.

What books did you read this summer?

A bunch of textbooks and at least ten other books whose titles escape me. I do recall reading these:

Genesis Code 

To Kill A Mockingbird

Little Mercies

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

What do you WISH you had done this summer?


What movies did you see this summer (if any)?

None. I am not a watcher of movies. I don't have the time or the attention span and I can never stay awake.

Where did you travel this summer?

I was limited by my lack of PTO but we enjoyed exploring locally and spending time at the lake.

What was your favorite treat (as in dessert) this summer?

There is a local creamery here which makes the most delicious chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. It makes me happy just thinking about it. I am not usually an ice cream fan but this is perfection in a cup.

What did you celebrate this summer?
Einstein turned 13 and Peanut turned 11. While we didn't celebrate it--we have been married fifteen years.
**Einstein does not allow photos.

Did you grow anything this summer?
I grew weary of juggling it all. I grew my brain when I started back to school full time in June. 

What is a favorite post (if you blog) that you wrote this summer?

I did not do much writing this summer and I still could not pick just one favorite.

Which Way

Fighting For

She Should Be Here

My Hero


What is a favorite photograph that you took this summer?

I love this picture because we brought our visiting friends an family to this amazing waterfall.

I don't remember exactly how it started but StinkBug and my mom use to call each other every time they saw a rainbow. I'd like to think she sent this one down especially for him.

What do you want to do next summer?

I would love to take a family vacation--even if it is just a weekend trip.


Tamara Camera said...

Nice waterfall!
And Peanut is BEAUTIFUL.
I think chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream sounds like a dream. I AM an ice cream person but I'm a picky one. I could definitely like that!

Melissa said...

Your camera skills are fabulous. I sent you a reply to your comment when I said your daughter was stunning but was afraid you'd think I was a whack job but since Tamara said it too, I guess I may not be too crazy!

Elaine Alguire said...

You read some good books! And that waterfall is amazing! Plus, that ice cream sounds AMAZING!

Thanks for joining in on OSB! :D