Wednesday, December 17, 2014


My life is full of irony. I am snickering as I write this very aptly named post today. 

This was my Facebook status update two Thursdays ago:

Epitome of irony: Just hours after finally scheduling an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist, you are walking out of your daughter's basketball evaluation and you fall spectaacularly and gracelessy to the ground which results in a fractured ankle

Not only does Big Yankee work out of town but he works out of state. In fact as my great tragedy was unfolding  two weeks ago he was on a private plane en route to Oregon. Good times. 

Luckily the eleven year old girl is taller and stronger than I and she was able to get me to the car. I drove home because it was my only option. My foot had gone numb by that point. or maybe I was in shock. Fortunately we were barely a mile from home. The kids helped me get inside and set me up on the couch with pillows and ice and ibuprofen. This was not my first rodeo. Having sprained the same damn ankle more than 40 times I knew exactly what to do.

I texted husband a few times informing him I was in bad shape and would require a ride to the doctor in the morning. 

Somehow we managed to get the kids out the door and to school somewhat on time. I hopped and scooted my way across the floor and made it to his car. Luckily he insisted on a wheelchair when we arrived at urgent care. A doctor's visit, some x-rays and a cam walker later and I was on my way.


Tamara Camera said...

I am so sorry to hear! This time of year can be so rough and things take so long to heal. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

@dkotucker said...

YOUZA!!!! Boy when you do it do it up good! :(

I hope you are able to get around alright and hope it doesn't put too much of a damper on your holiday festivities.

Take care Robbie! D

John said...

Oh my! Speedy recovery! That's TOTALLY something that I'd do.

Whenever I travel for work, I actually run through the emergency plan for something back home -- it wasn't long ago that I had to go to Boston for 2 days, and while there, I was CONVINCED that something would happen in the middle of the night. And I was taking the train . . . so I was up, at 3am, looking to see what my rental car options might be, just for such an eventuality (fortunately, nothing came up)