Friday, January 9, 2015

Fractured Friday


That is how many days it has been since I have blogged.

If I did the math right.

Which I probably didn't.

There were countless reasons why I haven't been here.

But I am here now.

And that is what matters.

I thought about throwing in the towel.

Walking away.
 Saying Adios.
 Not letting the door hit me in the ass on my way out.
 Jumping ship.

But a part of me is missing when I am not here. When I am not using the words and saying the things. I think I will stick around for a bit longer and I hope you will too.

Ever taken a blogging break? What brought you back?


John said...

Every time I post, I'm not entirely sure I'll post again. I mean, I do -- I like sharing my thoughts with the world, and I enjoy the process of taking my thoughts, which are ALL OVER THE PLACE in my head, organizing them into words, and then organizing those words on paper (well, a computer screen).

But, while I used to set out to blog "x times a week," I always started dreading the act of blogging during those times, because, then, it felt like a chore. And nobody wants to do chores.

So I blog when it suits me -- meaning that I have a good blogging idea and the time to act on said idea. But I never stress about when to blog. There are times that I'll put out several posts a day (though those are rare -- two a week seems to be about as much as I can find time for, on a good week), there are times that I'll barely post for a month.

Those of us who read? Want to read what you're sharing, when you share it. Plain & simple.

@dkotucker said...

I'm glad you're going to stick around too. I may not always comment but I look forward to getting/reading your posts. You're one of my 'firsts'. :D

I took about a 9 month 'hiatus'. Just didn't have anything to say. Hoping to get back into the swing of things this year.

Good to read you my friend! D

Tamara Camera said...

A lot of people took a break in December - early January so your break wasn't even as long as some I've seen.
It's nice to see people come back.
I've never taken much of a break but I do lighten up my workload every now and then.