Monday, October 10, 2011



* I wear my pink fleece sock monkey pajama pants when I drive carpool. (I call it making a fashion statement.)

*I let my kids eat popcorn, cereal & yogurt for dinner. (I call this utilizing their self help skills.)

*I don't make dinner and just wait until they ask to be fed. (I call this my social experiment.)

*I put things on my to do list that I have already done so I have a sense of accomplishment. (I call this my motivational tool.)

*I lose the garage door opener, mail key, debit card etc. & I don't look for it because I am hopeful it will eventually show up. (I call this what it is..LAZY & SCATTERBRAINED.)

*I put dirty dishes & other random objects in a box and shove it in the back of the mini van so I am ready for a house showing. (I call this resourceful.)

*I don't like other people's kids but I invite them over anyway. ( I call this building up my tolerance.)

What are you willing to confess?


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

That I sometimes let my girls sleep in their comfy clothes when we are all being lazy & don't feel like making the effort to change. Sometimes I wake up to girls with cute shirts, skirts with leggings underneath and I think, "Wow! They got themselves ready this morning!" Then I remember that those were yesterday's clothes...doh!

Robbie K said...

lol! That's a gret idea!