Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I knew this time would come

but I'm just not ready for it. NOT YET. I need more time. A few more days? a week?

But what would that really change?

It would only get worse. It always does...the longer I wait the worse it gets.

I'm like the Picasso of driveways. My medium ..leaking oil.

Whenever I pull up to a stop sign or back into a parking space heads turn. People gawk. And point.

It's hard to not be flattered by the stares and attention I garner. I channel my inner Lionel Richie and wonder "is it me you're looking for?"

It it then I realize they are searching desperately for the plane that must be crash landing. But 'tis only the sound of my brakes (or lack thereof?).

It is time to take my car in..a logistical nightmare for a parent flying solo who is responsible for the care, feeding and transportation of 3 monkeys. Luckily my dad is coming to town to play Bob the Builder and help me with some home repairs. I will be able to get my car fixed AND avoid the truancy officer. That is the easy part.

The challenge I must now face: Cleaning out the mini van.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's time to find a giant box and load up all the random crap that has taken up residence in the Nissan Quest. I'll attempt to find a hiding place in the garage for box o'car crap. And then I will forget about it and spend countless hours frantically searching for an important piece of paper, left shoe, Brownie leader book or the flavor of the month stuffed animal.

What task do you put off as long as humanely possible?


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Our garage is a nightmare! We just keep piling junk in there and by junk I mean things that we don't need and neither does anyone else. Why we don't just get rid of it, I am not completely sure. Hopefully you won't find us on the next Hoarders episode!

Robbie K said...

Speaking of Hoarders..just started watching it and I am addicted! My car and purse are the biggest offenders!