Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things I am Not

-I am not tech savy. I can barely work the tv remote, and my 10 year old teaches me how to use my very basic cell phone.

-I am not good with directions. If I am standing on my front porch I can tell you which way is North, South, East, West. I was on my way to Fayetteville, Arkansas and found myself near Joplin Missouri.

-I am not organized. I wish I was and I make feeble attempts. But no matter what I try I still find myself scrambling around at the last minute.

-I am not in good physical shape. I eat my stress and my feelings and they are quite filling...especially after the year I've had. I am NOT a numbers person but I will confess that this is the MOST I have EVER weighed except when I was knocked up.

-I am not a baker. Big Yankee makes the birthday cakes around here...and some very good ones at that. Baking requires measurements, limited ingredients and specific ingredients. Where's the creativity in that?

What are you not?


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I am not the person who pulls out the ironing board and iron. If it has to be ironed...I don't buy it. If someone else buys me something that has to be ironed...I most likely will not wear it unless the dryer can make it look like I just slept in and not lived in.

Robbie K said...

Oh good one! I didn't even think of that one! I rarely buy things that require ironing but if I HAVE to iron I am too lazy to get out ironing board. I will iron on the nearest flat surface instead.