Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twelve Lists

12 Jobs I Have Had:
-counselor @ city summer arts & games program
-early childhood teacher for at risk preschoolers
-van driver for international students
-family support counselor @ family preservation agency
-editorial assistant
-student worker Dean's office
-social worker County Adult Services Department
-transcriber @ parenting research center
-retail associate college apparel store
-housecleaner for home health agency
-business owner/licensed child care home

11 Places I Have Been
-San Deigo
-Las Vegas
-Los Angeles
-New York City
-Omaha NE
-Providence, RI
-San Antonio TX
-Washington D.C.
-Denver CO
-Winslow AZ

10 TV Shows I Watched Growing Up
-Silver Spoons
-Different Strokes
-The Love Boat
-The Jeffersons
-Brady Bunch
-Bionic Woman
-The Facts of Life
-Mork and Mindy
-Family Ties

9 books I Love
- Grapes of Wrath
-Operating Instructions
-The Saving Graces
-She's Come Undone
-Firefly Lane
- Kite Runner
- The Lovely Bones
- My Sister's Keeper
- Summer Sisters

8 Amazing Appetizers I Make
- bruschetta
- roasted red pepper hummus
-BLT dip
- spinach and artichoke dip
-black bean and corn salsa
-sausage balls
-fiesta dip

7 Places I Like to Eat
-In and Out
-Jason's Deli
-Great Wall
-Il Vicino
-Krispy Kreme

6 Things That are ICKY
-root beer
-clipping toenails
- pumpkin flavored anything

5 Tv Shows I Watch Now
-2 Broke Girls
-Modern Family
-Good Wife
-How I Met Your Mother

4 Foods I Can't Make
-grilled cheese
-french toast
-dippin' eggs

3 Candies I Love
-Hershey's Special Dark
-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

2 Drinks I love
-water with lemon

1 Gift I want for Christmas
- new slippers


Sara said...

Stopping by from ICLW #83! Great list, I'm going to steal this! I love In n Out!

carrie said...

What a great list! And I so agree on the clipping toenails. GAG.

Just typing that made me get a knot in my throat.