Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Game of Pass It On

Want to play a game of Pass It On?

Part 1. I will answer the following questions from a The Preppy Girl in Pink post, where I was tagged.

Part 2. I will tag a few fellow bloggers in my post AND hope they answer my questions.

Part 3. A list of new questions for my fellow tagged bloggers to PASS IT ON…

1.  What’s the first thing you do when your alarm goes off in the morning?
It depends. I have actually been getting up at 5:13 am a few times a week to go to the gym. It it's one of those days I hope our of bed and get dressed. If I don't get moving immediately then I will never drag my butt there. The rest of the week I hit snooze...something I never use to do when I WOH.

2.  What does your favorite date night consist of?
Tough questions as it has been soooo very long but I will indulge my fantasy. I would love to get dressed up and try a new restaurant. Maybe some ethnic food we've never tried. Probably take in a movie since we NEVER see any. Maybe go out for drinks afterwards...or browse the bookstore.

3.  What is your favorite comedy movie?
Sorry I can't pick just one and my choices are dated since I hardly ever see movies!
StepBrothers, Easy A, Heathers, Serial Mom, Election

4.  What was your first car and how did you come about ownership?
My very first car that I owned and purchased on my own was a 198something grey ford Tempo. I bought it from my sister for around $500. It was 2 door with tinted windows. As long as it go tme from one place to the other I never cared what I drove.

5.  What is your go to snack while chilling in front of the TV?
Really, really, really trying to cut down on this. But if I am in an indulgent mood it is chips and queso.

6.  Name a famous person in present day that you would like to go shopping with and describe why.
This is an extremely difficult question for me. I am sooo outta touch with celebrities. My friends were shocked and laughed at me when I didn't recognize Madonna at the Golden Globes. There was another really, really famous chic I didn't recognize and now I can't remember her name. I would like to go shopping with Christina Applegate or Tina Fey because I would laugh the entire time thus making the shopping experience less traumatic.

Part 2
Here are the bloggers I am tagging in random order:

A Boy Mom's Musings- She's a mom to 2 stinky boys, a teacher and a wicked step monster.

Chaos wrapped in chocolate-covered grins- A military mom with 2 little ones who loves to craft.

Two Sets of Twins-Her name says it all!

If you were tagged, you can add your answers to a new blog post like I did or as a comment below.
Not tagged?  Pick one question from above and answer it in a comment. It's a great way to get to know all of my readers better.

Also, GREAT BIG THANKS to The Preppy Girl in Pink for including me in this fun blog game. If you haven't checked out her blog, please do. If you have children...she is the go to for fun, EASY crafts. If you don't have children...she has a big heart, great sense of humor and the crafts may be fun for you too ;-)

And now for MY Questions:

1. Describe what you think your life will be like 5 years from now.

2. What is your daily uniform? How do you typically dress?

3. What is the BEST book you have read in the last 5 years? Why did you love it?

4. Did you have friend birthday parties growing up? What were they like?

5. Were you a joiner in high school? What types of activities, sports, clubs were you in?


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

So happy you played along! I love learning more about the authors of the blogs I follow. I'm impressed you get up that early and head to the gym. Good for you!

Robbie K said...

Thanks for tagging me it-it has been fun. I only manage to get up early 2-3 times a week.