Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Seven: What I Loved in the 80s

Which one were you?

The bigger the better

Twist a beads-the ultimate accessory!

Guess jeans

Bon Jovi

I rocked stirrup pants with my gigantic Forenza sweaters or paisley shirts!

My favorite soap

What did you love about the 80s?


Fritter said...

I think you were just a wee bit ahead of me (I graduated in 94) and TOTALLY rocked the forenza sweater and stirrup pants. Here I thought that was just Michigan. I am amazed! Do you remember Units clothing?

Marta said...


I recently happened to see a little bit of days and it's pretty much exactly the same people and storyline as 20 years ago.

Jadzia@Toddlerisms said...

I was the Ally Sheedy character, which would surprise nobody who knows me IRL. What do I miss about the '80s? Depeche Mode and The Dead Kennedys. And that's abouuuut it.

Jen at Kvetch Mom said...

Wow! All of those were exactly how I rocked the 80s, too! We must be the same age.

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

I don't have too many memories of the 80s, but I do remember that Guess jeans were all the rage!

Robbie K said...

ahhh I longed for an ensemble from there...but it was not to me. People either love or hate stirrup pants..glad you are on my side of the fence with them.

Robbie K said...

I turned i ton not long ago and couldn't believe Bo and Hope haven't been killed off...

Robbie K said...

Depeceh Mode...ahh the memories. my sister introduced me to their "alternative" music.

Robbie K said...

80s twins...yea!!

did you wear acid washed jeans? denim jackets?

Robbie K said...

you must be a young 'un :)

I loved my guess jeans.

Fadderly said...

two words: Poison!

oh...and Winger. :)

Mamarific said...

Oh, I remember all those so well. And I loved Units!!! And Esprit! And Guess jean jackets and vests. And then came the acid wash...yikes! Such fun times.