Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Angry and I Know It

Mama Kat has THE most outstanding writing prompts and I don't get to link-up nearly as often as I would like. However all is right with the universe, the stars are aligned, my chakras are open (who keeps leaving the damn things open?) and my kids left this morning for an extended stay at Grandparent Inn. 

This prompt reminded me of one of my favorite drinking games we lovingly called, "It pisses me off." Quite simple and results in a quick buzz. You take turns venting your anger. I say, "it pisses me off when I can't find my keys." If it pissed you off, you drink. simple. cathartic. drunk.

Without further rambling I give to you a list of ten things that make me angry. Go ahead and make it a drinking game if you want.

1. People who take credit for someone else's ideas.

2. People who don't return shopping difficult is it?

3. Racists.

4. When I hang my purse on the door handle in the public restroom because it's my only option and it gets covered in paint and I have to throw it out and go buy a new purse. 

5. When I'm waiting to check out and a cashier opens a new lane but instead of saying "I can get the next person in line" she says"I can get someone over here" and ignorant, impatient, rude people ram their damn cart into my ankle trying to storm lane #9.

6. When I ask a question and get a detailed response that does not, in fact, answer the question. Quit wasting my time! Tell me what I want to know and nothing more damnit!

7. People who feel the need to tell everyone how hard they work, how fantastic they are, and how fantastic everyone around them thinks they are makes me want to punch them in the gut. How fantastic would that be?

8. Pretzel bags. There is no way to open one without ripping the bag to shreds. Is there some law forbidding re-sealable bags to package their twisted, salty goodness?

9. People who make the grocery store a field trip for the ENTIRE FREAKING FAMILY and take up the whole aisle while having stupid conversations and annoying me,

10. Intolerant people.


Stacie @ Snaps and Bits said...

A list! These things are not awesome ;)

Most of them bug me too. Except the purse thing. That's never happened to me (although I'm pretty sure it would make me angry if it did. Hope you feel better now venting, at least until one of these things happens again...

And, you get to do another list tomorrow!

ROBIN said...

Great list. These things would make me mad too. How bout when you go to use a restroom and there is NO place to hang your purse in any of the stalls because the hook has broken off and no one has replaced them. What do you do? Try to tinkle while holding your purse! Very difficult! And the whole family in the grocery isle? Been there! After standing there forever waiting for them to move, you finally say "excuse me"...then they pissed at YOU,like YOU did something wrong.
Sorry...looks like I need to make my own list. Maybe I should do this! WEEKLY.

SisterSister said...

Most of these things I can relate to, but I have a special dislike for #2. WHy can't people take an extra 30 seconds and put the carts in or near the cart area? I have 3 kids under 5 with me and I still manage to do it through Florida heat and daily downpours. PLZZZZZZZZZ. just put the carts away people

hi from MK'S :)

@dkotucker said...

Love it...have to admit I LOL'd when I read number 10. Great list!

Andrea said...

I agree with every grocery store anger button, but I especially like the last line of #7. Thanks for the laugh! And for reminding me that there are ten more things that make me angry.

Robbie K said...

The purse thing happened to me the day before I wrote this.

Venting is good for the soul.

Robbie K said...

Doing this list weekly would be very cathartic! I was using a glorified outhouse and was afraid if I tried to hold my purse in my lap it would fall into the poopy pits of...well you get the idea.

Robbie K said...

People are too lazy to return their carts...and if you can do it most everyone should! I give a pass to elderly and disabled but everyone else should return their damn carts!

Robbie K said...

#10 was quite ironic wasn't it?

Robbie K said...

thanks..what is it about grocery stores?

IASoupMama said...

Grocery stores are de debil. If I can push the twins on a stroller and pull a fill grocery cart and manage to stay out of everyone's way, why can't the chick with no kids see she's blocking a whole aisle as she argues kn her cell phone about the kind of rice she can't find?