Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life Numbers

I am linking up with Greta and other amazing bloggers and taking a closer look at the numbers in my life.

5- number of people who live in our house

3- number of children we have

42- number of the birthday I recently celebrated

7- number of states I have lived in

2- number of c-sections I have had

5- number of places we have lived since we were married

13- number of years Big Yankee and I have been married

2-  number of times I've seen Tanya Tucker in concert

282- number of posts I've written on my blog

80- number of post in my drafts folder

2- number of colleges I attended

12- number of years I taught pre-k

16.5- number of months of our commuter marriage

120- number of miles we lived apart round 1

1234- number of miles we lived apart round 2

13.5- number of months I have consistently blogged

4- number of surgeries I've had

20+- number of jobs I've had since my first

17- number of years I was when I got my driver's license

30- number of years I was when I gave birth for the first time

32.5- number of years I was when I gave birth for the second time

36.5- number of years I was when I gave birth for the final time

35- number of states I have visited


Marianne said...

You got good numbers! And your draft posts are impressive...shows the ideas keep coming!

Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

80 drafts? Wow! :)

Kerstin @ Auer Life said...

I don't have a single draft in my draft folder... not sure what that says about me as a writer/blogger... I do have a notebook though, that I write my ideas into until I actually write a blog, does that count?
Love this post- and link-up idea by Greta!

Greta @gfunkified said...

I'm with everyone else....wow on the 80 drafts! I don't know if I've ever been a consistent blogger. Maybe consistent in my inconsistency. :)

My parents lived apart for a couple of years while I was in high school, because of work. I don't know how they (and you) did it!

Thanks for joining in, Robbie!

Erin said...

I'm with Greta---drafts? Omg. I don't have ANY. So jealous, how do you do it?!?!?!

love that you linked up w/ this!

Robbie K said...

Thanks..though I think I need to do a major drafts purge.

Robbie K said...

yes..if only they were actually worth saving.

Stephanie B. @B4Steph said...

My gosh, Robbie - 80 drafts? Wow, I wish I could put together even 1 or 2 drafts. I loved reading this. 7 states you've lived in. That sounds fun, but maybe it wasn't. Really fun post. I enjoyed learning more about you.

Robbie K said...

I use to have a notebook but I kept losing it

Robbie K said...

I LOVE this link-up! <3

I'm not consistent in the way of blogging every Mon/Wed/Fri..or anything like that. Just that I started posting a few times a month as opposed to posting in March and then again in August.

Robbie K said...

Maybe I should clarify that many of the drafts are actually a few random sentences or stuff my kids said.

Robbie K said...

My goal is to purge my drafts folder before 2013...there is so much worthless crap in it.

Moving is hard but I love that I have friends all over the US and from different stages/phases in my life.

Ducky said...

I am just amazed at the commuter marriage numbers. People fascinate me as do your numbers! Great post