Thursday, March 13, 2014

Random Thought Thursday

1. I keep thinking this will be the week, this will be the day when I start writing again. And each day passes with nothing. And I create some "new" feature to give the appearance of blogging.

2. When we were first married I was greatly annoyed that Big Yankee folded the towels "wrong" (different than I did) and I spent way too much time and energy trying to "teach/convert" him to the "right way/my way." I eventually gave up and just re-folded all the towels and kept my mouth shut (for the most part--in regards to towel folding only--and Big Yankee might disagree with me). FINALLY, I decided I am pretty damn lucky he folds towels at all and I moved on.

3. Einstein has a band concert tonight at 7:00 p.m.-which I discoverd this morning at 7:00 am when I unfolded a random scrap of yellow paper that was on the floor.

4. We are now required to pay to attend the band performance...WTH? Given the socioecomomic diversity within our district I know there will be MANY, MANY families who won't have the money to go. Schools are all about parent involvement but this means that families won't be attending, which means they probably won't drive their kid to the fine arts center, which means his/her grade will be lowered and it might be the ONE class that keeps the tween in school...and the cycle continues.

5. First Grader has a leprechaun trap due tomorrow. After four feeble attempts of spelling leprechaun I had to google it.

Please feel free to share your random thoughts.


Tamara Camera said...

Yes, a spouse folding towels is nice! I think my husband would like if I helped him more with that..
And I would have to Google leprechaun too!

Kimberly Speranza said...

Incredible to be human. Thanks for expressing this. Made my day.

Kimberly Speranza said...

Incredible to be human. Thanks for expressing this. Made my day.

@dkotucker said...

I'm not even trying to appear like I'm blogging so you're a step ahead of me. :P

That makes me sad about family having to pay to go see their child in the band concert. :(

Sadie McCurry said...

I completely "feel you" about #1. I'm in the same boat. The band concert thing is common. We have to pay to go to our kids' choir concerts as well. Many arts programs are being cut from schools and they have to do what they can to bring in a bit of funding. Sadly, they don't bring in the same type of money as athletics. Until we start valuing the arts the same way we do sports, I don't see this changing. But I do agree that change is needed!