Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's one of my favorite link ups Old School Blogging! Elaine teamed up with Krystyn to host this month's Favorite Things!

Sit down restaurant: Canyon Crest. Incredible food and this view! Some of my favorites: Elk sliders, seared salmon, veggie flatbread. Oh who am I kidding? I LOVE IT ALL!

Cookie: Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven. <<Baking is one of my least favorite tasks.

Bath product scent: Bath and Bodyworks use to have something that smelled like Peach Schnapps. Man I loved that! I love fruity or flowery (but not too flowery!) scents. Lavender and vanilla and pumpkin anything make me hurl!
Tv shows: We went without tv (just Netflix) for a few months and now we only have abut 6 channels and I forget to watch my shows since I cannot Tivo them. Some of my past favorites include: Parenthood, Modern Family, About a Boy and The Good Wife, & Mindy Project.
Flower/ Plant: Colorful wildflowers!

Bad-for-me snack: Loaded nachos, chips and dip, cheese and crackers, 
Magazine: Cooking Light AKA food porn. I love to cook but don't follow recipes which doesn't stop me from drooling over mouthwatering food. Sometimes I pretend to be  a foodie photographer.

Mouthwatering deliciousness

Aussie Lasagna

Sausage stuffed mushroomgasams 

 Dinner party perfection

Hobby (besides blogging): I work outside the home full time, go to school full time, have 3 kids, 2 turtles and a husband which leaves little time for hobbies. Sitting. Sitting still is my favorite. I love to read and be social. I bought myself a big girl camera last Christmas so I take many pictures.
Holiday: Usually Christmas but I am dreading it this year. It will be the first one without my mom and memories of last year are bittersweet as she started Hospice three days before.
Favorite thing to do for Girls Night Out:  Eat, drink, laugh & talk.
Favorite thing to do on a Date Night Out (yes, out because some people call it date night at home, and that’s not what I mean!): 

What are some of your favorite things?


Tamara Camera said...

I had chocolate chip cookies as mine too, sorta, but I don't really like baking them either. I like other people to bake for me!
And oh boy - that restaurant. I want a reservation there!

Rea Alducente said...

Oh wow, that lasagna looks so delish! :) And I love the first photo!

Alison said...

Sitting still! Yes, I would really love to just do that.