Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Blog

Dear Sweet Blog,

I am truly sorry I have been neglecting you for such a long time. When I started you I had plans for us..grand plans...I was going to write, write, write!  Certainly not daily..I know my limitations and procrastinations.(You won't find THAT word in any dictionary..I made that up...see how creative i am?). I thought I could manage 3 posts a week at least to start. Sure I might make a lot of lists at the beginning but those still count right? I was going to take advantage of my unemployment status and having 2 of 3 kids at school much of the day. I was going to start living the fantasy "what I would do if I wasn't working."

What happened you ask? Well life got in the way. Being a single parent to 3 kids, in a commuter marriage, trying to get a house back up for sale, and a BEST FRIEND diagnosed with cancer, adjusting to the isolation of unemployment, financial issues...well it was just too much. Some days I barely make it through. It seems like the tunnel goes on forfreakingever and there isn't even a hint of light. Other days I have fun and bask in the glory of my new found freedom. Take a nap at 10 am.? If you insist. Spend hours on the internet just because I can? Yes please. Glitter paint with my boy, eat playdough ice cream cones and make muffins? Those are the best days.

 For now I am just going to try to get through the bad days, make the most of the great ones and write about it along the way. I'd love to have you along for the ride.

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